St. Pete Shell Show Introduction

February 27 and 28, 2016

Our 68th - The Amazing World of Sea Shells - Annual Shell Show

The annual Shell Show is truly the highlight of the year. There are abundant opportunities for everyone to participate. Everyone can get involved by telling their favorite shell story in exhibit form to share with the public or having a booth to sell craft items or specimen shells.

Ribbons are awarded for outstanding displays in many categories. Novices win also! Top awards include the coveted National Museum of Natural History Award. (This award was originated in 1948 by the Smithsonian Institute specifically for the St. Petersburg Shell Club). Also awarded is the COA (Conchologists of America) Trophy, which is given to the exhibit that best furthers interest in shells and shelling. Additional trophies and awards are given to the Most Beautiful and also the best Florida and Caribbean Exhibit.

Make sure you attend this event to exhibit or just to see what interesting items are being exhibited. Every year there is something new to learn or see at each of the wonderful exhibits being shown by all of the amateur exhibitors. Many exhibitors will even be on hand if you have a question about their exhibit or even a question about that special shell you found. Please be sure and mark the dates of this event on your calendar and enjoy the show.

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