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What is a Shell Show?
The Shell Show is where people exhibit their favorite shell or shells for awards and ribbons. The exhibits might be educational, scientific, colorful or just plain fun.

Is it like a gun show?
No! This is not the same as most of those shows that are put on for wholesalers and retailers of a product. This is an amateur competition specifically for seashells or ocean related objects. There are dealers at the show but dealer space is limited to a select few. All of the exhibits at the show are brought in for a chance to display an individuals accomplishments on a subject of that persons interests.

Why should I exhibit?
Without exhibitors the show would not exist. This gives you a chance to show off what you have achieved in your field. Whether you do scientific study or shellcraft. You will have a chance to compete for outstanding ribbons and awards, some given only at this show.

Is it hard to exhibit?
An exhibit can be anything that interests you. You can exhibit shellcraft, shells from one location, a Family of shells or just yellow shells. You are judged by correctness of your exhibit, quality of the work involved, some by educational merit and even uniqueness. All that is involved is placing your collection neatly in a display case, correctly name what is involved, and deciding which category on the application you would like to compete in.

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